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My background in pop music, opera and musical theatre is extensive.

Although I love to teach pop, blues and jazz, my background and qualifications are of very high level. I have a Conservatoire degree in opera singing and further qualifications in performing arts.

My first appeareance on stage as a solo was at the age of only 14 where I had my first recital as an opera Soprano at Accademia di Francia in Rome. Previously from the age of 9 I had achieved some stage experience singing various kind of music before starting to study classical music.


Apart from being a classical musician I had experience in a wide variety of situations, in my earliest years I even had a Gothic punk band where I was the lead singer and wrote my own songs!

Frequently  I have engagements to sing in a jazz ensemble and in a blues band.

In 1995 I started teaching and found it very appealing. I discovered I like to work on people`s voices and dig to find their talent, whether appearent or not!

During my early days of teaching I went on shadowing one of the most famous laryngologists of the world specialized in singers and gained a great experience at solving the vocal problems that occasionally some professionals encounter on their training. I even restored a few cases to which both doctors and teachers before me said there was no hope to sing again! One of them is now in a career as a singer. Details of his case are available on request.

This breadth and variety of experience has given me a solid practical knowledge of the demands required for a vocalist whatever their chosen area of expertise.

I have specialized myself in Musical Theatre coaching and in the last nearly 20 years I coached a large number of professionals of opera and musical theater, preparing them for auditions and performances, up to post graduate and career level.

I currently run an amateur Musical theater Company where occasionally my beginner students can gain some practical experience. The level of skills I aim to build are these of a professional singer, so very often my students in the company go for auditions in the west end! My philosophy is, once you do it, do it better than anyone else!




Although my main area of expertise is teaching to professionals, I love to embrace any style according to the students` projects, and actually I work by achieveing a goal after another, planned at the beginning of the training and revised after slots of several weeks.

I strongly believe that good coaching should be available to anyone and for this reason I keep my fees affordable. My classes are therefore very popular and booking in advance is highly recommended!

Upon request I teach keyboards and music theory and I`m very happy to prepare for graded exams or any other kind of audition.

I currently have a studio in London  and one in Reading, occasionally I travel to other cities when there is demand for specialized tuition.

CRB checked.


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