The performer`s club

Singing classes to boost confidence and build up experience


The performer`s club has a new formula that enables singers of any age and styles to perform their own solos when they feel ready.

Unlike many musical theatre schools, singing courses , unlike a chorus and unlike singing  group courses where only a few can take leading parts, we aim to encourage individuality, technical work as well as sing in harmonies. The special, innovative structure of this unique singing lesson aimes at encouraging singers of any experience to take the lead, in a protected environment, without pressure and at their own pace.

You can freely choose to singalong in the background or take the lead when you feel ready. You get training before you take the lead by skilled professionals. There is a technical work of first class with the best singing technique provided by The Vocal Coach as well as working in harmonies.

In many schools of musical theatre, opera and musical theatre companies and in a choir solo parts are only for a few . We are proud to work in the opposite direction and will enable everybody to express their own ability and passion for singing.  

And there is also room for socializing during the 2 breaks at the beginning and at halfway the class.

This unique formula offers opportunities to singers to learn a proper singing technique in a singing lesson and work together while keeping their own individuality. 

Everybody is looked after so it differs strongly from a choir where all the voices must be singing like one voice only and talent and individuality is not considered. (Actually in a choir individuality is discouraged).

These are affordable singing lessons, in Reading Berkshire.

Is this innovative lesson the right thing for you?

You may try it

  -if you are new to singing. 

 - if you have been previously to a stage coach school or musical theatre school and felt that you want to take up opportunities for singing as a solo

- If you are looking for high quality singing traning within a relaxed and protected environment

 -if you are looking for the most affordable way to start a valid singing training.

-if you are looking for a boost of your confidence



Not suitable to prepare for exams of ABRSM, Trinity, Conservatoire and auditions. The Vocal coach provides highly specialized one-to one lessons for this.

Affordable singing lessons in Reading Earley berkshire