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Welcome to the Voice Academy, Berkshire

If you landed here you are most certainly looking for a qualified singing teacher, offering high level teaching for singers of any background, whether amateurs, students or professionals.

I`m happy to invite you to explore my website. I offer first class singing technique thanks to my 20+ years of singing coaching for children and adults.

I can provide vocal coaching to adult beginners as well as children from the age of 5, but also to singing professionals of Opera and Musical theatre. The width of my experience allows me to confidently teach truly any style and any age, at any level.

A few words about me: my style of coaching is very personalized, offering a tailored made lesson suited to anyone wishing to improve their voice, regardless of their experience or ambition. Through the years I have gained invaluable experience preparing  exercises based entirely on the student`s unique kind of voice. I don`t believe that it is possible to effectively learn to sing by doing exercises watching an online video or from a cd, aimed at anyone. Feedback from a professional is necessary. My style of teaching is highly personalized.

Young beginners and adults can benefit immensely from one-to-one singing lessons for beginners and advanced.   

As well as working on the voice of beginners and amateurs, I  also prepare singers, actors and dancers for West end Musical theater and Opera, thanks to my classical training background.

My teaching experience and specialization encompasses preparing for exams of any level, including graded exams of ARBSM , Guildhall and Trinity, from initial to Grade 8 and Diploma, auditions for performing academies, Conservatoire exams and auditions for professionals of Musical Theatre.

With the same enthusiasm and passion I also prepare choir members, amateurs singing for just the pleasure of it, gospel singers and  ambitious beginners aiming at winning a singing competition and young (or not so young!) singers for bands. Many of my students have won prizes and all of them are encouraged to go over their limit ...and think really big from day one. I am truly ambitious and I think time is money so it`s good to optimize.

I truly can teach singing to any age and any style. I have myself experienced singing at very advanced level in many styles, studying with the most renowned singing coaches in the world since a very young age. I have sung in a jazz band, as an opera singer and even beyond that...although my main training has been as a classical opera singer, I have experience of singing rock and even about being the lead singer of a gothic punk band.

I can teach vocal technique for musical theatre, rock, pop, jazz and blues and all the different ways to use the voice in a specific style. I have also had specific training with the `belting technique`, so I can confidently teach you to reach high notes and overcome the fear and difficulty of singing high notes with a full voice, with full control.

My aim  from the very first consultation lesson is indeed to discover the main strong points of your voice. Moreover I can teach musical theory at all levels and also piano for beginners and intermediate up to grade 6. 

My clients are very often amateurs that decide to give themselves a chance with singing , as well as experienced professionals preparing for a performance. Also many of my young students of singing come from a triple threat school (Stagecoach, Stepping out, Razzmataz); they come to my classes aiming to go to the next level with one to one classes and prepare for solo parts.

Among my clients, I can count children taking singing lessons for advanced auditions in the West End.

Whether this or that, I will encourage you to set goals together and achieve them at your own pace and according to your desire, and we will review them often along the way.

I offer singing classes for children, teens and adults, beginners to advanced specializing in modern styles: Pop, Rock, R&B, Country, Gospel, Musical Theater.  I strongly encourage you to gain the maximum success from my singing lessons because your success is my main goal.

Whilst I am specialized in offering singing training for professionals of opera and musical theatre preparing for auditions and perfomances,  I welcome total beginners without a clear project with the same attention. No matter what style, teaching you all the proper vocal and performance technique is my top priority and after my classes you will be able to gain that confidence needed to enjoy singing and face even the most difficult audiences equipped with the most accurate singing training that you can find in the music industry.

Infact, whether you are a demanding professional or a passionate amateur, whether you wish to prepare for ABRSM or Trinity exams or simply to sing better just to offer it to yourself and your friends, you will gain full control of your voice through your whole range improving your most comfortable notes as well as the high ones. Confidence is guaranteed when you gain such a technique.

Why take voice lessons at the Voice Academy??
~ Everyone gains a better voice. I have a long track record of proven results.
~ Gaining more confidence. Your confidence will go up once you start to implement a proper vocal technique and understand how to use your voice.
~ Singing to get joy. Singing is scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety and prevent depression.

~ Improving your cv. Students can get UCAS points to access prestigious universities and courses by passing graded exams of ABRSM and Trinity and employees are often considered favourably as singing in a cv is a sign of confidence, good interaction with an audience, presentation skills and creativity.
~ Gaining more courage in your daily life. By learning to use your body and master your voice as an instrument you learn to face daily challenges and interact more freely with people.

~ Singing is a transferable skill in many aspects. Many business people gain great confidence by taking singing classes, gaining confidence and control when they speak in front of an audience.

~ Exploring your voice and knowing more about you. Are you gifted for singing? I can answer to this question during the first consultation lesson, and if the answer is definitely no, your class will go free.

~ And last but not least: I aim to give a professional mindset and preparation even to beginners amateurs and newbies because that is a spending skill whatever thing you wish to do with it. My teaching  is aimed to be of very high level, professional level, and at the same time is open to beginners.


I offer Private 1-hour lessons,  shorter sessions of 30 minute, Group Classes and workshops to help you attain your goals. 

You are very welcome to contact me to simply ask questions about your singing projects.

I will answer honestly and using my competence about the best course of actions for your singing.

 Call or text me on 07906310650 to book your first consultation lesson with no obligations on both sides. Please note that this is not a free lesson, but an explorative class to understand your needs and skills, whether you wish to continue or not.


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