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I have been singing professionally for about 30 years and coaching for over 20 years. Mainly an Opera singer, performing in many top Opera venues worldwide, I have various kind of experiences under my belt which gave me an insight of singing at 360 degrees. On the modern singing side, I have been performing as the Leading voice in many professional bands during all the period of my studies, and as the Lead Singing voice of the Professional Evergreen Orchestra, proposing old Classicals, going on tour worldwide. Also doing background voices in recording sessions, working for promos, I even  had an experience in my early days as a gothic-punk singer in a band, writing my own songs. Currently in a career as an Opera singer, Soprano, I graduated at an Italian Conservatoire, and specialized in the Verdian repertoire. I studied with two Belcanto technique singers and have extensive knowledge of Belting as well. Mainly I teach mixing these two methods according to the personal goals of the individual  I have largely taught to many professionals of the Musical Theatre  . I have also had a significant experience shadowing a world renowned Laryngologist, specialized in Voice for professionals, cooperating to understand cases from my  point of view as a Vocal Coach. I have myself successfully resolved a few cases of students with serious damage to Vocal Chords due to wrong use of technique and succeeded at preventing surgery of the Vocal chords. Many of my students have won auditions and competitions and all of them receive large recognition due to the particular accuracy of my Technique. I am passionate and very successful at discovering talents.

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