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 Advanced singing lessons for professionals of Opera and Musical Theatre.

Singing coaching of the highest level for professional singers, actors, dancers.

Opera singing at career level.

High level singing training for semi professionals and motivated beginners.

Musical theatre expert singing coaching for beginners and advanced.

Hard belting for all the rock and pop singing styles.

Qualified singing coaching and audition advice for advanced and professionals is provided through tailored

one-to-one advanced singing lessons matching the performing industry needs.

I’m a qualified Vocal Coach offering personalized lessons and instructive services to students in the London and Berkshire area. I have been teaching people of all ages and experiences since 1995, always maintaining my commitment to help others discover and reach their full potential in order to successfully prepare for a singing career.



I’ve been offering comprehensive private advanced singing  lessons in various locations since 1995, in the Uk and abroad.

I am currently based in Berkshire and also can provide advanced voice coaching in the London area.

My job as a voice coach for professionals aims to transmit my long experience as a singer in many different styles and as a singing coach for advanced and professionals. From day one, my students learn important foundational techniques that help them boost their skills and self-esteem. 

. My main goal is to offer a singing style that shows off a professional attitude, individuality and credibility in the music industry.

I aim to enable my students to stand out of the crowd in terms of control, state of the art technique and uniqueness of their original voice.

My main areas of expertise are:

  - Voice coaching for Musical Theatre  at professional level.

  - Classical/Opera singing at career level

  - Professional voice coaching technique for Rock, Pop and Hard Rock and every other singing style that requires hard belting.

These different types of very high quality techniques can also be applied to any other style of singing in order to obtain professional soundness.

I base my voice lessons for professionals on my expertise of Belcanto technique and Belting technique. These are the two pillars of my technical vocal knowledge.

I believe that these are the foundations to sing at advanced level in any style with total control.

A blend of these two worlds enables a singer to master any piece and reach professional soundness and credibility.


I have been a  Vocal Coach since 1995.I now provide advanced singing classes for all the professional styles of singing. My studio is in Berkshire and I also teach in the London area.

In the last two decades and over I have provided the tools and guidance needed to help all of my students excel in their chosen professional field.

I book students for short intensive courses to prepare for auditions as well as for long term regular classes aiming at building up a solid singing technique.

One to one advanced singing lessons are booked in packs of 4 or 6 as I privilege regular and committed students.
Although my courses are mainly for graduates, post grads and professionals, I consider committed students and semi pro of any age and prepare them for a career.
My lessons are not for everyone, they are aimed at advanced level and technique centered, suitable only to professionals and highly committed beginners exclusively looking for the highest quality of training. The type of singing that I teach is aimed at achieving results that are credible in the music and performing industry.  Confidence is achieved by  pursuing a solid singing technique that enables mastering of the voice as an instrument.

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Born in Italy and graduated at Conservatoire.
Studying with Baritone Paolo Silveri (born 1913) and soprano Angelica Tuccari (born 1917) and learning the true Belcanto technique of the best Italian Opera tradition.
Opera singer in the leading roles in a career since the age of 24. 
Before starting to sing as a professional Lyric Spinto Soprano, various experiences in other styles, including being the lead singer in a Gothic Punk band in my very early days, writing and belting out my soul in my own songs. (aged 15 to 19).
Touring the world with my live 9 elements orchestra from the age of 21 to 24.
Other experiences in a jazz ensemble and in a Chamber music trio.
Interpreting over 20 leading roles as the main in Opera productions.
Teaching to professionals of Opera and Musical Theatre since 1995.


Cheering Crowd

“Truly talented, amazing and inspiring teacher. The classes were extremely professional but also comfortable. This is a teacher with a warm heart, great attitude and amazing skills. Highly recommended. ”


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